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Ashley Kelley

Ashley lives in South West Missouri, originally from Franklin, Maine. She is an avid hunter but duck hunting is her passion. She grew up hunting with her Dad and watching him grow as a Waterfowl Taxidermist. She is the Owner of Wild Outdoors Productions (Wildlife Overdose Production Company) and Owner of Wildlife Overdose.

Rusty Buck.JPG
Rusty Kelley

Rusty lives in South West Missouri. He has been a law enforcement officer for over 18 years. He started hunting at the age of 8, shooting his first Deer with his Mom and his first Turkey with his Dad. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and experiencing God's Great Creations. He is also an owner of Wildlife Overdose. 

Daniel Marsillo

Daniel is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. His passion is bowhunting and archery shooting every chance he can get. He enjoys taking his little girl outdoors to share his passion and pass it onto the next generation. 

Ronnie Elk.jpg

Ronnie Lathrom

Ronnie was born and raised in South West Missouri. He grew up hunting and fishing to be able to put food on the table. He is very fortunate to be able to still hunt the places that he hunted as a kid with his own family.


Jackie O'Quinn

Jackie was raised on a dairy farm in Wright County, Missouri. He grew up Turkey and Deer hunting on his family farm. He currently lives in Camdenton, Missouri where we works as a full time engineer at Tracker Marine and owns LOZ Bow Fishing & Spoonbill Guide Services. He loves to hunt all critters that swim or walk on the earth! 

Kirby Kelly

Kirby has been hunting in South Central Missouri from the time he could hold a gun. He has a true passion for hunting and fishing. He is married with 3 children. He is one who is very grateful for what he has and hopes to do great things with Wildlife Overdose. 

"Go get that Wildlife Overdose!"

Lee Price

Lee is a God fearing American! Loves hunting and fishing, while sharing the great outdoors with others. He is proud to protect the privilege to hunt and fish. Most important, he enjoys teaching the next generation to respect and preserve the great sport that we enjoy and use to provide for our families and friends! 

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